Happy Earth Day! I am now in my seventh day of living without any direct purchase or use of fossil fuels — and I can’t say I am missing much.Went hiking Saturday and Sunday, took the electric car. Got to work by kayaking and biking on Monday and Thursday. Rode my electric motorcycle to work on Tuesday and Wednesday, and charged it with the solar panels on the roof. Took the electric car to work today, because of the forecast for rain.  Cooked with an alcohol stove Saturday, charcoal grill Sunday, the induction hot plate on Monday and Tuesday. crock pot powered with solar panels Wednesday, an on my twig-fueled camping stove today.

So, the best things in life are fossil free! Such as . . .

  • Walking in the April woods and seeing he little purple flowers blooming on the trail.
  • That giddy feeling you get when you twist the throttle on an electric motorcycle and you are doing 80, noislessly and instantly.
  • Saturday morning coffee and waffles with no commitments
  • waking up on a sailboat to the sound of docks creaking and wavelets lapping
  • Cresting a hill on your bicycle anticipating the free-fall of the downhill ahead
  • White throated sparrows singing outside your open bedroom window first thing in the morning.
  • Dinner on the porch, a bottle of wine, sunset lighting Clausland Mountain a glowing red.
  • Slipping under the covers on a cool April night with the love of your life and hugging her all night.
  • Internet video hangouts with your kids even though they have grown up and moved away
  • the way the River under your kayak is really cool even on an unnaturally warm April day
  • The exuberance a dog shows when you say “Wanna go for a hike?”
  • Getting a favorable ruling from the NY DEC, rejecting the gas pipeline project you have been fighting.
  • The Earth Day Jam at Pace Law School
  • The wild turkeys in the backyard
  • The way a small electric car can change lanes in traffic instantly and effortlessly
  • That warm feeling in every muscle in your body after spending two hours biking and paddling, and the natural cannabinoids they release.
  • That feeling of peace you get from living consistently with deeply held beliefs.

I am looking forward to a hot shower. Eventually.



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