A month of Fun Days

Didn’t end up blogging much in June because I was too busy traveling and having fun (all on a carbon budget).  I spent the first week of June in North Carolina, attending the Waterkeeper Alliance annual conference in Wilmington, then paddling the French Broad River with the Waterkeeper Pirate Society, a loosely disorganized band of river recreation lovers. Though I took Amtrak down to Wilmington, I broke down and took a flight back from Charlotte, since that was the only way I could make it on the river trip and get back to New York in time to teach my Thursday afternoon class. Though short hop flights are more carbon intense per mile than long haul flights, it was still a short hop (fewer miles), and the flight fits in my carbon budget for the year.

Back in New York, I had one last weekend with my just-graduated-from-college daughter Beryl before she left for Vancouver.  So we took a family sail down the Hudson from Nyack to NY Harbor and out into the ocean.  I hooked a big bluefish, but it got away.  Robin and Beryl were screaming and cheering – not about the fish, but about the humpback whales breaching within fifty feet of the boat, within a mile of Rockaway Point in New York City.

We needed a weekend at home to catch up on chores, but that didn’t stop us from taking a quick overnight sail to our idyllic Hudson River anchorage off of Black Beach in Hook Mountain State Park.  Somehow, I got on the list for a transportation survey being conducted by the US Department of Transportation.  They had to call me back to confirm that my routine Saturday travel included travel by sailboat from Haverstraw to Nyack.


Then, last weekend, we spent a long weekend up at our cabin in the Adirondack cabin.  Got some work-work done remotely then fast hiked up Blue Mountain on Friday, Saturday we went mountain biking on the Garnet Hill trails to a swim in 13th Lake, and Sunday and Monday we spent canoe camping on the Cedar Flow in the West Canada Lakes Wilderness.

So June was a lovely month of fundays.  My carbon total for the month was about 755 pounds — the biggest single month carbon footprint yet since I started keeping close track last September. That’s what fossil powered travel does. But my nine month total carbon footprint is  under 4400 pounds, just over two tons, so I am still well on track for my four ton annual carbon budget.No one can say I am living a deprive life!


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