Leg 33 – A Morning Milk Run over to Jackson Lake Lodge


Today’s bike barely counts as a “leg” – 14 miles from Hatchet to Jackson Lake Lodge, where I will spend three days resting and touristing.

I slept late, for a camping night at least, and rose at 6:30, knowing I had a very easy day ahead. It rained hard overnight. I stayed dry, but the tent did not, which is always a pain for packing up and pedaling the extra weight of wet tent.

I pedaled down the road after breakfast, and was soon at the boundary of Grand Teton National Park. If my journey has any destinations, this was always to be the first one – the spectacular scenery and wildlife of GTNP was one reason to bike across the country. I always planned a few days for sightseeing here – especially with Yellowstone so near. This may be my only opportunity to visit Yellowstone.

Grand Teton did not disappoint. Even though the 14 miles to Jackson Lake Lodge were flat and easy, they took a while due to constant picture stops. I saw elk – one cow quite close, and a whole herd in a meadow with Grand Teton as the backdrop.

I made reservations at Jackson Lake lodge back in March when it looked like Robin could join me here on here way back from China. So I will not be journeying again until Monday, I’ll be just one more National Parks tourist in a rental car with Robin. Besides giving my legs a few days to recharge, I have to review the copy edits for my book, and I can’t think of a better setting to do so than the great room at Jackson Lake Lodge, with an ever changing view of Grand Teton in the clouds.


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