Leg 37 – An Easy and Flat Century (Mostly) South of the Idaho Mountains


I made 105 miles today, from Craters of the Moon to the Fort Running Bear RV Park and Campground north of Camas Reservoir.

I got an early (6 am) campground start. The first 25 miles or so was an easy downhill grade in light winds, with the mountains to my right and the range to my left. In Carey, Idaho there was a beautiful marsh, then Route 20 turned right and went up over a ridge, so the rest of the morning had mountains on both sides, just the taller snow dotted ones on the right.

I was feeling good biking today, so I texted Robin and told her that I would aim for 75 miles before a lunch stop, between 1230 and 100 pm. Robin didn’t actually catch up to me until mile 78, and there were no rest stops around, so we pulled off on a side road and ate al fresco with a view of green fields and snow capped mountains.

After lunch, the wind picked up, and the riding got harder and slower. Still, the desert was in bloom, and the scenery kept me distracted from the difficulty pedaling. Eventually, Route 20 started climbing, then a descent, then a steeper climb to a pass with a lookout, and a long winding downhill to the Camas Reservoir. Robin met me halfway down on her bicycle.

Google sent me on a bike shortcut on a dirt road. Then google told me to turn left on a Jeep track through the desert grasses. Not wishing to retrace the last three miles, we pushed on across the Jeep track. Robin told me I was chasing some game animal across the fields- maybe an elk- but I didn’t notice because I was too busy looking ahead to keep from falling in a rut.

The Fort Running Bear Campground really is an outpost in the wilderness. There are no towns anywhere near. Finally a night of camping that is not near a busy highway


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