I’ll Start My Low Carbon Journey. Tomorrow.

Literally. So, no, this is not a post about carbon footprint procrastination. 

This blog has been about my mostly figurative low carbon journey in life, with some low carbon travel fun thrown in. Tomorrow afternoon I plan to leave home on a bicycle and point my wheel in a generally westward direction and keep going until I reach the Rogue River in Oregon for a whitewater rafting trip on June 23.  I will try to post regularly about it on this blog at the request of a few of my friends who don’t do Facebook or Twitter. So, come along for the bike trip, and stay for the low carbon life tips!
Actually I completed the first leg of the journey on a bike last Sunday by biking from Coney Island and its Atlantic Ocean beach back home to Rockland County. With a stop in midtown for a Broadway show. Because low carbon travel should be fun, Robin’s birthday is coming up, and her favorite musical is Kiss Me Kate.

And I don’t mean to suggest that living the low-carbon good life means you have to ride a bike across the country. I am not sure I would recommend it – I am pretty much planning to have sore legs, knees and buttocks every day for the next seven weeks, and sleeping on the ground for most of it. I am not even sure my body can do it  after 61 years living on this earth – stringing weeks on end of daily 90 mile rides may be too much for me. But I rode 92 miles in the Adirondack Mountains on Saturday, and I feel fine today.

Riding cross country is just something I have wanted to do since I discovered as a high school kid that a bicycle was the true American freedom machine for escaping the suburbs grew up in. That and a small sailboat. The stars have aligned to do the trip now, so I will try.

There are other low carbon travel adventures out there – a family of four could drive cross country in a hybrid or an EV without too large a footprint, and that family would have some great adventures on the way. As I hope to.



2 thoughts on “I’ll Start My Low Carbon Journey. Tomorrow.

  1. Dear Karl, Now when it rains I think of you and hope you are not in it. And I love being able to follow you trip. Thanks a lot. And keep telling everyone that low carbon doesn’t mean no fun.

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