Second Leg – West Nyack to Montclair

Picked up my exams to grade, got home, and hopped on the bike at 4 pm. My electric motorcycle and car are jealous they can’t go on this trip, but the bicycle is less range challenged than my EVs.

  Robin and Nara met me at the Joseph Clark rail trail with an ice cream cone, and rode the fourth mile with me. But Nara is a little logey in the warm weather so we parted company at the 303 bridge. Nara really wants to run across the country with me too.

This was an easy first day on the road just thirty miles, mostly flat. It was supposed to be 27 miles according to Googlemaps, but I made a wrong turn in Haworth and that added two miles, plus my cycling app always seems to add five percent to Google calculates distances. I was racing the thunderheads towards the end, but I beat the rain.  Destination was my brother David’s where my dear sister in law Jill laid a nice send-off meal. I’ll have to decide whether to put the lamb chops on my carbon tab for the month! Tomorrow will be a super early start.



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